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Does this look ‘French’ enough? Who knows. Join a graduate from England who has found himself living in France and decided to write about it...just because he read one travel book (which was given to him by mistake).

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Je m’ennuie

It’s certainly been a while hasn’t it? In the meantime, it would appear that the blog hasn’t blown up and propelled me into celebrity...

A Very Long Engagement: A Masterpiece

Director of ‘A Very Long Engagement / Un long dimanche de fiançailles’, Jean-Pierre Jeunet once stated, ‘Cinema since the New Wave always...

The oddity of Homesickness

Britain went a bit mad on the 5th of February thanks to a very chaotic Parish council meeting. As I can finally now think about it...

A Film Review: Being Napoleon

During ‘Being Napoleon’, one man from a small group in their sixties, dressed in full regalia of a Napoleonic infantry soldier and...

Where the Romans Still Stand.

When I was eighteen, I was in a bit of a rut. After a disastrous exam concerning my A-level poetry, I was sure that my chances of...

The Strange World of the Camargue.

To an outsider, a national park called the Camargue in the south of France may come across as an obscure tribute to America’s Wild West....


In Britain, to express admiration and love is a rather difficult affair. This may be of use if you require inspiration for abstract art....

An ode to the Cathedral

I wanted my first ‘proper’ blog to be about the overall vibe of the city but the more I thought I about it, I became aware that I just...

Salut, enchanté.

Who knows what may come of this little project? A Hollywood film based on my jottings? Perhaps not, I don’t even know if blogs are worth...

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